Godiva Chocolates

Lady Godiva
Extremely smooth filling obtained by mixing full cream which is added to the chocolate and stirred until a smooth paste is obtained. More luscious, velvety white, milk and dark ganache alongside intriquing flavours.
Couverture chocolate made to exclusive recipes using selected beans, allowing connoisseurs to sample Godiva chocolate in all its rich variety.
Finely ground and caramelised roast hazelnuts to which chocolate is added, producing the unique softness and gentle, nutty flavour that says Godiva praline. New scrumptious hazelnut and almond pralines in an expanded range of textures from crunchy to satiny smooth.
A cream or butter ganache centre, enrobed with a fine film of chocolate and rolled into a ball, either in cocoa powder of different colours and flavours, coconut or other nuts.
A mixture of freshly blanched almonds and white sugar, the marzipan is enrobed in chocolate.
Centres made with caramel, boiled in copper vats and mixed with cream to a perfect, smooth consistency, with a flavour that is just right. Rich, creamy caramels with flavour accents of pecan, raspberry and chocolate.
Pure Godiva chocolate meets crunchy roasted nuts for a complete experience.
Deeply Dark Collection
Godiva Chocolatier introduces a new collection for the true chocolate connoisseur with an informed palette. Godiva Deeply Dark Collection, a premium range of dark chocolate blends from 50% to 85% cocoa, epitomizes luxurious sophistication and elegance. Velvety flavours and textures with the distinctive cocoa taste, make the Godiva Deeply Dark collection the definitive chocolate indulgence, delivering the deepest, most intense and most personal chocolate experience possible.
A truly, unique collection of premium chocolate self-treat products in modern, pocket-sized packaging. Never before has luxury chocolate created such an upscale and personal collection for the contemporary girl-on-the-go. The decadent Chocoisteâ„¢ range includes 4 distinctive product shapes and delicious taste experiences including Chocolate Bars, exquisite chocolate covered nuts, poppable chocolate Pearls and smooth chocolate Domes - capturing every mood throughout the day, from rewarding oneself to satisfying the mid-morning chocolate craving.
Sharing Collections & Hampers The ultimate indulgence that you can share with your friends or offer as a gift.
Contemporary and premium range of biscuits, coffee, chocolate fl akes and spreads, presented in a modern and inviting packaging.
Fruits Pure Godiva chocolate meets crunchy roasted nuts for a complete experience.
Mousse Collection Mousse collections

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Godiva Chocolate
Godiva. Surrender to the temptation and enjoy the pleasure of giving the perfect gift.
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