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Troubleshooting the Saeco Aroma Coffee Machine

The machine does not work.
The machine is not properly connected to the power supply.
Connect the machine correctly to the power supply.

Espresso comes out along edges of filter holder.
Boiler o-ring is dirty or worn-out.
Clean the o-ring or replace it.

Filter holder not correctly positioned in brew head.
Position the filter holder correctly in the brew head. (see instructions in the manual)

Too much coffee in filter holder.
Reduce the quantity of coffee using the doser.

Upper edges of filter holder have coffee residue.
Clean the edges of the filter holder.

The pump is too noisy.
There is not enough water in the tank.
Fill up the tank.

The coffee is too cold.

The LED of the coffee switch was lit when the (coffee) switch was pressed.

Wait until the LED of the coffee switch switches off.

The filter holder was not in place while heating up the machine.
Warm up the filter holder.

Cups were not preheated.
Preheat the cups.

The milk does not froth up.
You are using the wrong type of milk.
Check the fat content of the milk.

The coffee flow is too fast, and it does not make a creamy coffee.
There is not enough coffee in the filter holder or the coffee is not ground finely enough.
Add coffee.

The coffee is old or unsuitable.
Use fresh coffee or try a different blend.

The coffee does not flow or only drips.
There is not enough water in the machine.
Add water.

The coffee is too finely ground.
Change type of coffee.

Coffee is pressed in the filter holder.
Loosen it.

There is too much coffee in the filter holder.
Scoop some of it out using the coffee measure.

The “Hot water/steam” knob is open.
Close it.

Limescale accumulation.
Descale the machine.

The filter basket is blocked.
Clean the basket.

The filter screen is blocked.
Clean the filter screen.

The handle of filter holder is not in the correct position.
Move the handle of the filter holder to the correct position. (see instructions in the manual)
Please use the following guide to troubleshoot any problems that come up. If further assistance is needed, please refer to your user manual, or contact us for Technical Support.


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