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Troubleshooting the Saeco Incanto Deluxe Coffee Machine

The machine does not turn on.
The machine is not connected to the power supply.
Move the main switch to ON.

Check the plug and the connection.

Coffee is not hot enough.
The cups are cold.
Warm the cups with hot water.

A low temperature has been set.
Set the machine to a higher temperature.

Only water is dispensed when you select preground coffee.
No preground coffee has been introduced.
Dispense again after introducing preground coffee.

Hot water or steam is not dispensed.
The hole in the steam spout is clogged.

Clean the nozzle hole with a needle.
Note: During this operation, the knob must be closed and the machine must be off.

The machine takes a long time to warm up.
Excessive scale has built up.
Descale the machine.

The brew unit cannot be removed.
The brew unit has stopped in the wrong position.
Close the door and switch on the machine. The brew unit will move back into position.

Coffee flows out in a slow trickle or not at all.
Coffee grind is too fine and the SBS knob is turned to the right.
Adjust grinder to a coarser grind (turn knob clockwise) and turn SBS toward the left.

Please use the following guide to troubleshoot any problems that come up. If further assistance is needed, please refer to your user manual, or contact us for Technical Support.


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