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Troubleshooting the Saeco Talea Touch Plus Coffee Machine
Message on Display Screen

close coffee bean lid
Close the coffee bean hopper lid to be able to make a beverage.

add coffee beans
Fill the coffee bean hopper with coffee beans.

insert brew group
Insert the brew group securely in its place.

insert coffee grounds drawer

Remove the dregdrawer and empty the used grounds into an appropriate container, then rinse.
Note: The dregdrawer must only be emptied when the machine requires it and is turned on. Emptying the drawer with the machine turned off does not allow the machine to register that it has been emptied.

door open
Close the service door to be able to make the machine functional.

fill water tank
Remove the water tank and refill it with fresh drinking water.

empty drip tray
Open the side door and empty the drip tray located under the Brew Group.

change water filter

The Aqua Prima filter must be replaced in the following cases:
1. 60 liters of water have been dispensed.
2. 90 days have passed since installation.
3. 20 days have passed and the machine has not been used.
Note: This message only appears when the filter has been activated. (See page 21 of the user manual).

carafe removed (or milk island removed)
The steam knob has been turned to the Milk Island position and either the Milk Island has not been installed or the carafe is not positioned correctly. Install the Milk Island correctly. Otherwise, turn the steam knob until it is in the rest position.

descale the machine
A descaling cycle must be performed on the machine's internal circuits.

energy saving

Press start to exit energy saving or stand-by mode.

Please use the following guide to troubleshoot any problems that come up. If further assistance is needed, please refer to your user manual, or contact us for Technical Support.


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