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Basic Operation of the Saeco Milk Island Attachment
1. Fill the milk carafe with the quantity of milk desired.
Note: The quantity of milk initially poured into the carafe must be between the MIN and MAX levels indicated.

2. Place the Milk Island carafe onto the base. Check that the light on the base is green.

3. Turn the steam knob to the Milk Island position and wait for the milk to be frothed.

4. Close the steam knob when the desired amount of froth is reached.
Note: The machine will automatically stop frothing after two minutes. For even more froth, close the steam knob, and then turn back to the milk island position.

5. Remove the carafe from the base using the hand grip.

6. Gently swirl the carafe and pour milk directly into your mug.

7. Brew espresso directly into your mug and enjoy!


Espresso Coffee
Espresso Coffee