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Basic Operation of the Saeco Primea Cappuccino Coffee Machine
1. Carefully remove machine from the box using plastic handling straps provided and place on a flat, clean surface.

2. With the machine unplugged, open the bean hopper and fill with fresh whole beans.

3. Add fresh water to the water tank up to the 'max' line and replace back on machine.

4. Attach power cord to machine and plug into outlet.

5. Place a container beneath the hot water tube.

6. Press the power switch to turn the machine on, the machine automatically starts priming the circuit. When the prime circuit cycle is finished, remove the container. The machine is now ready for use.
Note: it is possible that water will not come out of the spout.

7. If a beverage with milk is desired, open the milk compartment, remove the milk container, fill container with milk and reinsert in its seat.

8. Place a cup under the brew head and select the desired beverage from the menu screen to enjoy fresh, delicious espresso.


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