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Basic Operation of the Saeco Royal Cappuccino Coffee Machine
1. Carefully remove machine from the box lifting from the bottom of the machine on the sides. (Do NOT lift machine using drip tray or brew head.) Place on a flat, clean surface.

2. Insert the drip tray into the front of the machine.

3. With machine unplugged, add fresh water to the water tank up to the 'max' line and replace back on machine.

4. Open the bean hopper and fill with fresh whole beans. Close bean hopper lid.

5. Plug power cord into an outlet.

6. Place a container beneath the steam wand.

7. Turn machine using the ON/OFF switch in the back of the machine. The display screen will read 'Warming Up'.

8. Immediately turn the steam knob counter clockwise to prime the machine.
9. Wait until a steady stream of water flows out of the Pannarello wand and turn the steam / hot water knob clockwise to stop priming. Remove the container.
10. Place a cup under the brew head and select a brew button to enjoy fresh, delicious espresso.


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