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Troubleshooting the Saeco Royal Cappuccino Coffee Machine

No message is displayed.
The machine is not getting power.
Turn the machine ON and check the power outlet.

The service door is open.
Close the service door.

The automatic coffee brewing does not start.
Brew Unit Miss.
Fit the brew group properly into place.

Brew Unit Block.
Clean the brew group.

Request for Technical Support.

Water Tank Empty
Cof. Beans Empty
Fill with water or coffee beans and restart the machine.

Dregdrawer Miss.
Fit the dregdrawer correctly into place.

Grinder Blocked
Request for Technical Support.

Water is dispensed instead of coffee.
Pre-ground coffee button has been pressed, but no pre-ground coffee has been introduced into the bypass doser.
Place one scoop of ground coffee into the bypass doser.

Steam and hot water are not dispensed.
The steam/hot water spout is clogged.

Clean the nozzle opening with a needle.
Note: During this operation, the knob must be closed and the machine must be off.

Coffee is dispensed too quickly.
Grind is too coarse.
Adjust the grinder to a finer setting. (e.g. from 5 to 3)

Coffee is dispensed too slowly.
Grind is too fine.
Adjust the grinder to a coarser setting. (e.g. from 5 to 7)

Coffee is not hot enough.
The brew group filter is clogged.
Clean the filter.

The cup has not been preheated.
Preheat the cup on the cup warming surface.

The machine coffee brewing is reduced, it takes longer to heat and dispensing is not sufficient.
Machine needs to be descaled.
Descale the machine.

The brew group cannot be removed.
The brew group is not in the correct position.
Turn the machine on and close the service door. The brew group will automatically reset itself into place.

Please use the following guide to troubleshoot any problems that come up. If further assistance is needed, please refer to your user manual, or contact us for Technical Support.


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