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Basic Operation of the Saeco Super Idea Coffee Machine
1. Carefully remove machine from the box lifting from the bottom of the machine on the sides. Place on a flat, clean surface.

2. Remove the water tank lid and lift out the water tank.

3. Rinse it out and fill it with fresh drinking water without overfilling.
Important Note: Always fill the tank with fresh, not carbonised water: hot water or other liquids may damage the tank. Do not use the coffee machine without water as this may damage the machine. Always check that there is enough water in the tank.

4. Put the water tank back in its right place. Put the lid back on the tank.

5. Plug the appliance into a wall socket carrying the correct voltage (Please check that the main switch is in the “0” position before inserting the plug in the wall socket). Then, press the main switch; the light inside the switch will go on.

6. Point the steam tube (Pannarello) over the drip tray then open the “hot water/steam” knob by turning it counterclockwise and press the coffee switch. Once a regular stream of water flows from the steam tube (Pannarello), press the coffee switch again and close the “hot water/steam” knob, turning it in a clockwise direction.

7. Pour 1 or 2 level measures of ground coffee in the filter to make one or two cups of coffee.

8. Insert the Crema filter holder in the dispenser unit from below, turning it from left to right until it locks into place.

9. Take 1 or 2 preheated cups from the cup rest and place them beneath the Crema filter holder; make sure that you position them properly under the coffee nozzles. Then press the coffee switch. After you have dispensed the amount of coffee desired, press the coffee switch again to stop flow.
Note: for machines without the cup warming surface, you can use hot water to warm the cup.

10. After completing this operation, wait a few seconds, remove the Crema filter holder and empty out the dregs.


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