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Troubleshooting the Saeco Primea Cappuccino Coffee Machine
Message on Display Screen

prime the machine
Press on the display in order to proceed with manually priming the water circuit. The machine performs an automatic attempt to prime the circuit. If this attempt does not perform correctly you must proceed with these instructions.

circuit priming failure
Request for Technical Support.

the descaling cycle has not been completed correctly
Repeat the descaling cycle as described in the manual.

milk rinsing
Perform a milk rinsing cycle as described on pages 13 and 27 of the user manual.

milk cleaning
Perform a milk rinsing cycle as described on pages 13 and 28 of the user manual.

change aqua prima filter
The Aqua Prima filter must be replaced in the following cases:
1. 60 liters of water has been dispensed.
2. 90 days have passed since its installation.
3. 20 days have passed and the machine has not been used.
Note: This message appears only when "inserted" has been selected in the water filter function (See page 19 of the user manual).

the cleaning cycle has not been completed correctly
Repeat the operation as described on page 31 of the user manual.

insert milk container with cappuccinatore
Insert the cappuccinatore in the milk container. Without the cappuccinatore no beverage containing milk can be dispensed.

rinse the milk tank
Remove and rinse the milk tank after it has been used.

descale the machine
Perform a descaling cycle on the machine's internal circuits as described on pages 32-33 of the user manual.

energy saving
Press the "start" button on the display screen.

Please use the following guide to troubleshoot any problems that come up. If further assistance is needed, please refer to your user manual, or contact us for Technical Support.


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