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Troubleshooting the Schaerer Coffee Factory Coffee Machine

Faults with no display:


No hot water output but water in coffee grounds container.
1. Clean hot water outlet.
2. Request for Technical Support.

No Choc output but water in coffee grounds container.
1. Do not use Choc dispenser.
2. Request for Technical Support.

Choc portion controller blocked.
Choc dispensed only with water

1. Clean portion controller.
2. Empty powder.
3. Turn screw feeder manually until all powder removed.
4. If necessary, rinse with water. Allow to dry completely.

Coffee dispensing varies left/right

Clean combi spout.

No milk foam / milk output, but milk in reservoir.
1. Check that milk tube is not kinked or crimped.
2. Re-route tube correctly.
3. Clean combi spout.
4. Clean milk nozzle.

Milk foam incorrect, temperature too cold.
1. Change milk nozzle:
- Green nozzle for cooled milk
- White nozzle for uncooled milk
2. Clean combi spout.

Milk cooler defective
Check if the cooler has been properly turned ON using the separate switch.

Pump runs permanently, water in coffee grounds container.
1. Unplug the coffee machine and reconnect.
2. If not remedied, request for Technical Support.

Milk foamer and water tank assembly / disassembly stiff.

Lightly smear O-rings with Schaerer Sealing Grease.

Choc / Topping hopper cannot be inserted.
Manually adjust the drive for the dosing auger at the portioner slightly in a clockwise direction.

Please use the following guide to troubleshoot any problems that come up. If further assistance is needed, please refer to your user manual, or contact us for Technical Support.


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